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Monday, April 18, 2005


I'm sure that my one reader (thanks for the comment) thought that I was already dead after only three posts, but this is not the case. I'm never going to be a frequent blogger (which means I will never have much of a, if any, readership), but I had hoped at least to one a week. However, illness, unemployment, moving between counties, and helping my girlfriend through surgery has pretty much killed my time until now.

I don't really have any political commentary to add this week, although I have been getting involved with some local groups such as the Seattle Libertarian MeetUp group and the Spooner Society Social and Shooting Club. Both groups are made up of many fine people, and I would recommend that anybody in the greater Seattle area with an interest in liberty get involved.

Technology and all of its many-faceted coolness has been on my mind more than politics lately, not surprising as I am looking for a new job in the industry. I've been all over the techno-alternative media scene lately, checking out such things as Uberleeto, BinRev, Default Radio, Pure Pwnage, Packet Sniffers, Welcome to the Scene (which is only cool as the serious corollary to the humorous Welcome to teh Scene), and others. These things have inspired me to talk to my best friend thesaint about starting our own interweb radio show about computar machine hardware and how manufacturers varyingly sux0r or r0x0r and new developments in the industry. Essentially something which is to Tom's Hardware and other such sites what Uberleeto was to Slashdot. We'll see how that goes, and hopefully it will be out by the first week of May. (Perhaps via hackermedia's public access system.)


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