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Monday, March 14, 2005

Hypocrisy from the Left? Say it isn't so!

Well it seems that since the American public didn't really seem to care about the last hoplophobic thrust in the form of demonizing FN Herstal's Five-seveN as an "assualt pistol" or "cop killer gun," these lobbies have collectively latched on to the idea that selling firearms to people on government "watch lists" of potential terrorists is fundamentally wrong. A lot of articles on this subject have been written in the last few days, but it wasn't until I read this particularly subjective commentary that it finally came together in my head how desperately hypocritical all of this was.

Remember how all the liberals were claiming the moral high ground in the aftermath of 9/11 when the government was detaining and holding suspected terrorists without formally charging them with crimes? Oh yes, back then they couldn't say enough about the protection of their rights under the Constitution and the principle of men being innocent until proven guilty. It was unfair to treat them like criminals without proof. However, all of this has magically changed! Now, if the government thinks some people might be terrorists, it's all right and good that they be treated like criminals and be barred from purchasing firearms.

Any legislation on this matter needs to be opposed because in the end in this is not about terrorism at all. This is new cloth over the same liberal spectre, that people cannot be trusted with arms because of what they might do with them. To the hoplophobes all people are guilty of crimes they have not committed, and will commit them as soon as they have a gun in their hands. In fact, this is a step further than I think this concept has ever been, because this attempt to prevent people from owning firearms is clearly tied to a list created and maintained by the government. How long before such a list is expanded from "potential terrorists" to "potential criminals?" How long before the parameters widen so that all common citizens are caught under this edict, disarmed? Guilty until proven innocent would become the prime directive.


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