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Friday, March 11, 2005

Zero Tolerance, Zero Intelligence

Every day I read, and there was a real gem in the last batch of news. We've all heard about some of the egregious applications of "zero tolerance" policy, everything from students punished for bringing to school inch-long plastic action figures' guns to those disciplined for imitating guns with their fingers, but somehow this is worse. An eleven year old kid forgets he has a BB gun in his bag until after he's left for school, and he dutifully turns it over to school officials when he gets there. This, of course, lands him in COURT where he is SENTENCED to be REMOVED FROM HIS HOME AGAINST HIS PARENTS' WILL and placed into the care of a "group home."

What is going on here? I can understand school officials being responsible for ludicrous treatment of non-problems, but now our judiciary is making a mockery of itself, sentencing eleven year old children for trying to do the right thing with their toys under this ridiculous system? The real problem here is that our society is sitting back and letting this happen. First of all, we need to stop accepting that school officials and the policies they make are going to be moonbatty and stupid. Every time they get away with it will encourage them to make things worse. Every time people hear about this sort of thing happening in their backyard and they don't organize a protest or a write-in campaign of some sort to whoever runs their particular asylum for the rationally challenged, they are giving tacit assent and encouragement of that practice. I don't live in Yadkin County, North Carolina, but as this is happening in my United States, I'm going to at least send an angry e-mail to school principal, and I invite others to join me:

Yadkin Success Academy
David Brown
(336) 679-4888

If I knew anything about that judge who's responsible for this, I'd write him/her (more likely the latter) too.


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